Rules and procedure

The applicable procedure can be found in the attached document. The main principles are as follows :

  • Simplicity. We want this process to be efficient, although the Ombudsperson can decide the procedure according to the law.
  • Interaction. At all times you can discuss the process with the Mediator. Discussing and agreeing on the process is agreeing on how to resolve a dispute
  • Confidentiality.
  • Reasonable costs.

You will find below a simplified description of the process. Whilst steps 1 and 2 will usually take place as described, the appointed Mediator will take any variations from steps 3 to 4 as it deems useful taking into consideration the circumstances known at the time.

Mediation procedure

Submission & appointment

Claim interview



Payment of the mediation request registration fee

In all circumstances, the handling of the request and appointment process only starts upon payment of the registration fee.

One-time registration fee CHF 400.00

Payable on OFS banking account with UBS Nr 279-360922.01M

IBAN : CH74 0027 9279 3609 2201 M


Fees of the Ombudsperson hourly rate between CHF 300.00 and CHF 500.00

The Ombudsperson may ask for the payment of deposits to cover its fees

All fees and deposits in relation to the services rendered by the Ombudsperson are payable on the banking account indicated by the Ombudsperson.