Personal Data Protection Declaration by the Foundation OFS Ombud Finance Switzerland

The only data OFS collects and processes is that which its members entrust to it for the purposes of their affiliation to OFS as a Mediation Body approved by the Federal Department of Finance. This data may include personal data, within the limits of what is necessary for the affiliation and its management. This data is processed by OFS solely for the purposes of the Federal Financial Services aCT (“FinSA”) and within the framework of the Affiliation Regulations and other regulations issued by OFS.

This data may be transmitted to FINMA or to the Register of Advisors for the purpose of proving the affiliation status of a financial services provider subject to the affiliation obligation.

Data is also collected/processed when mediation requests are submitted, notably for the purposes of appointing the mediator and initiating the mediation in accordance with the Rules of Procedure published on the OFS website . The data entrusted to OFS for mediation purposes may contain personal data. When a mediator is appointed, this data is transmitted to the mediator. The processing of this data and that subsequently collected by the mediator is not shared with OFS, and is subject to the personal data management policy adopted by the mediator’s office.

All data collected by OFS is stored on a cloud managed by a Swiss entity. In order to provide its services as an ombudsman, OFS also uses IT service providers based in Switzerland only.

The OFS site includes only a few purely functional cookies, which are only intended to facilitate use of the site and do not collect any personal data. It does not include any system for collecting information on visits made.

This is a statement issued by OFS in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act of September 25, 2020 (DPA). It is not subject to acceptance by Affiliates. Within the limits of the LPD, OFS is entitled to modify this declaration at any time.