Affiliate to OFS

Affiliations may take place individually or as a group. The affiliation fees set forth below are valid for the current calendar year. They are subject to change depending on the actual costs and activities of the foundation.

Individual affiliation fees:

  • One-time file constitution fee, CHF 50.00
  • Yearly recurring affiliation fee, CHF 300.- from january 1st 2022.

Group affiliation fees take the form of a discount on individual affiliation fees.

In proportions and within limits to be determined by OFS, any surpluses collected on affiliation fees after payment of costs and constitution of reserves may be allocated to a Mediation Support Fund for the benefit of mediations subject to the FinSA completed during the financial year.

Fill up the affiliation form

Applications for affiliations Affiliations are then communicated to the Swiss Association of Asset Managers SAAM/ASG/VSV for processing in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Swiss FADP (Federal Data Protection Act). are to be made using the attached affiliation form.